architectural visualisation / design / digital art

Filaret Hill – a numinous experience

An old park filled with contradictory symbols, an iconic church with a graveyard, a ‘Roman arena’ and Bucharest’s oldest train station – all of these surround the studied site.

The proposition features a hill-like Contemporary Art Museum, expanding the park over the site and creating an archetypal foreground for the church – an iconic hill and forest clearing (a sacred space, according to Heidegger*) which restores the old lost character of this site.

According to Michel Foucault’s deffinition, gardens, graveyards and museums are unique spaces (heterotopies), not public, nor private, evoking strange space-time experiences. The proposed hill thus reunites all these heterotopies, making them copresent.


*Dr. Augustin Ioan has an excellent article (romanian) on the significance of “forest clearings” in heideggerian phenomenology.

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