architectural visualisation / design / digital art

Project Soane – Consols Transfer Office 360

After submitting GC’s competition entry for ‘Project Soane’, I also created a 360 view of the Consols Transfer Office. I made a stereoscopic cubemap version, as well as a sphere map (which I posted below – second image).
To see it in a 360 viewer click on this link  or click on the image below.

The still image had been heavily edited in Photoshop and the challenge was to make the 360 view look as similar as possible. To achieve this I mixed exactly the same 3D channels as in the still. Since using layer masks was no longer possible, the image being stereoscopic, I had to find alternative ways to achieve similar effects: curves, levels and saturation applied on the ZDepth and Atmospheric rays channels, which isolated the relevant bits of information that needed emphasised. I also put the 2D people on billboards in 3ds max in order to get the 3D effect while watching with Oculus or HTC Vive. You can compare the still and 360 yourself, see if they look close enough.


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