architectural visualisation / design / digital art

In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land

In a foreign town
This digital art piece was inspired by a short story from Thomas Ligotti’s ‘Teatro Grottesco‘. The name of the story is ‘His Shadow Shall Rise to a Higher House’ and it’s the first part of a trilogy called ‘In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land’.

Techniques used: 3D render + post production. Full size: 4082×3186

Although the story is pretty grim and sickening, it contains some vivid descriptions of the urban landscape of the unnamed northern border town which I found beautiful.

“shadowed doorways along narrow streets, […] hilltop graveyard that hovered not far beyond the edge of town, […] twilight talk, […] secluded quarter, […] half-opened windows of the highest rooms of the town’s old houses, labyrinthine and resonant hallways, […] the cellar of an abandoned ruined factory where several of us had gathered one evening, […] high backstreet house, […] shadows of an old warehouse, […] the clouds which had choked the sky throughout the day would linger long into the evening, […] everything looked as if it had been drained entirely of all color, as if an enormous photographic lash had just gone off in the startled face of the town, […] the ‘all-pervasive aura of a place that has offered itself as a haven for an interminable series of delirious events.’ […]
It was definitely a mood of delirium that appeared to rule the scene, causing all that I saw to shimmer vaguely in my sight, as if viewed through the gauzy glow of a sickroom: a haziness that had no precise substance, distorting without in any way obscuring the objects behind or within it.”

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