architectural visualisation / design / digital art

ArchVis Theory

I’m writing a series of articles exploring potential theoretical and creative foundations for architectural visualisation. This is a personal research project I’m conducting in my free time with some valuable feedback from two esteemed academics – Dr. Joseph Suglia and Dr. Augustin Ioan. Hopefully one day I will adapt these articles into a book.

ArchViz Theory – 1. An Introduction

ArchViz Theory – 2. Art vs. Political Statement

ArchViz Theory – 3. Landscape and Transformation

Philosophy Bit – the Aesthetic Category of ‘Sublime’

ArchViz Theory – 4. Exploration and the Sublime

Case Study – Sunshine (2007) – Fascinating vs. Terrifying Sublime

ArchViz Theory – 5. Brief Introduction to Phenomenology

ArchViz Theory – 6. Representing Concreteness

ArchViz Theory – 7. – A Gentle Introduction to Nostalgia

ArchViz Theory – 8. – The Off-Modern Way