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Quake City, Lebbeus Woods Tribute – The Grasshopper


This is the second 3d art piece inspired by Lebbeus Woods’ Quake City, envisioning an organic earthquake-resistant megastructure built in San Francisco. Click here for Lebbeus’s original drawing. It was originally published in Woods’ pamphlet, Radical Reconstruction, which can be found online (only the written part) at this link.

Dover Court Estate – ArchViz

The Dover Court regeneration project will create 70 new homes for social rent and homes for sale on council-owned land as well as providing improved open spaces, estates paths, play areas and community facilities.
Glass Canvas collaborated with both Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects Architects and landscape designers Farrer Huxley Associates to create three images of the scheme. The project was shortlisted for the Housing Design Awards 2016.
The image above represents my personal work as part of GC studio. I also made a post-production tutorial which might appear online.

Orchard Wharf – ArchViz


Sited in East London this residential development designed by BUJ Architects is one of the latest in the regeneration of Londons Docklands.
Although I contributed on all the other visuals as part of the Glass Canvas team, this particular image was my favourite so I took some time to mix the rendered elements, paint dirt, reflections and improve its atmospheric character. The people were 3D, so their realism is not astonishing.

ArchViz Theory – 2. Art vs. Political Statement

An ArchViz studio should have a distinct vision and a set of core values. What do these images that you produce mean to you? What do you aim to achieve by creating them? Is your desire to make art, be creative and express your inner self? Or is it to contribute to a better society and make a political statement? The profession is often criticised from a political and socio-economic point of view, so I thought I should dedicate an article to this antithesis – visualisasion as art vs. political statement.

Art is first of all contemplative (more…)

London Luton Airport – Visuals

As part of ‘Glass Canvas’ team I worked on a few images picturing Luton Airport’s redevelopment. The images were featured on several websites:
Glass CanvasLondon Luton Airport, Business Quarter, Luton Today


Pocket Flats – Architectural Visualisation

I produced this image in October 2015 as part of Forbes Massie visualisation studio. Happy to see it published on Pocket’s website (scroll down). I also worked on the other two images.
Juxon Street

The Gates cinema redevelopment in Durham – Architectural Visualisation

I produced the first two images in August 2015 as part of Forbes Massie visualisation studio. Happy to see them published on BBC News and The Riverwalk.
The second two were completed in February 2017 as part of Glass Canvas, for the same client.

Durham Redevelopment


The Riverwalk View1

The Riverwalk View2 s