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Controlled through Inflicting Pleasure. The Entertainment Concentration Camp

“Through the predictable entertainment of television and movies by which the world’s growing number of consumers feel they are in touch with themselves and with one another, and by the fashions in everything from clothing to buildings […] consumers are encouraged to suppress their inherent differences and conform. This serves well enough those who thrive on consumers’ dependencies, but reduces consumers themselves to a type of passivity that is historically new. It is the passivity foreseen by Aldous Huxley in “Brave New World” (1932), when he wrote that the way to control people is not with pain but with pleasure. What was once a privilege to be won has become a right to be demanded and received. The consumer waits to be pleased and in this way is continually pacified.” (Lebbeus Woods, Radical Reconstruction)

SPOILER ALERT: Black Mirror s01e02, “Fifteen Million Merits” – See Trailer So Dr. Strangelove’s dream comes true. The world is destroyed by nuclear war; the survivors find refuge in underground shelters, safe from the harmful radiations, but also deprived from sunlight. Electricity becomes the most valuable element (more…)