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Greenwich Village NY – Video

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He – Lovecraft Concept Art

Greenwich 1900 new small
“After traversing a horrible unlighted court where my guide had to lead with his gloved hand through total blackness to a narrow wooden gate in a high wall, we came upon a fragment of alley lit only by lanterns in front of every seventh house. This alley led steeply uphill—more steeply than I thought possible in this part of New York—and the upper end was blocked squarely by the ivy-clad wall of a private estate, beyond which I could see a pale cupola, and the tops of trees waving against a vague lightness in the sky. In this wall was a small, low-arched gate of nail-studded black oak, which the man proceeded to unlock with a ponderous key.”

Greenwich 1500 small
“Once at the window, the man drew apart the yellow silk curtains and directed my stare into the blackness outside. For a moment I saw nothing save a myriad of tiny dancing lights, far, far before me. Then, as if in response to an insidious motion of my host’s hand, a flash of heat-lightning played over the scene, and I looked out upon a sea of luxuriant foliage—foliage unpolluted, and not the sea of roofs to be expected by any normal mind. On my right the Hudson glittered wickedly, and in the distance ahead I saw the unhealthy shimmer of a vast salt marsh constellated with nervous fireflies. The flash died.”

Greenwich 1750 small

Again the lightning flashed—but this time upon a scene not wholly strange. It was Greenwich, the Greenwich that used to be, with here and there a roof or row of houses as we see it now, yet with lovely green lanes and fields and bits of grassy common. The marsh still glittered beyond, but in the farther distance I saw the steeples of what was then all of New York; Trinity and St. Paul’s and the Brick Church dominating their sisters, and a faint haze of wood smoke hovering over the whole.” (“He” by H. P. Lovecraft)

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Kingsport, The Festival – Concept Art

Concept art based on “The Festival”, H.P. Lovecraft’s short story. For realising it I downloaded and merged several free textures from, as well as 3D models from I rendered the scene using Vray, using the settings at Forbes Massie, the architectural visualisation studio where I currently work as a digital artist.

“It was the Yuletide, and I had come at last to the ancient sea town where my people had dwelt and kept festival in the elder time when festival was forbidden.
Then beyond the hill’s crest (more…)

Rue d’Auseil, The Music of Erich Zann – Concept Art

Rue dAuseil SMALL
Concept art based on “The Music of Erich Zann”, H.P. Lovecraft’s short story. For realising it I downloaded and merged several free textures from, and post-processed.

“The Rue d’Auseil lay across a dark river bordered by precipitous brick blear-windowed warehouses and spanned by a ponderous bridge of dark stone. […] Beyond the bridge were narrow cobbled streets with rails; and then came the ascent, at first gradual, but incredibly steep as the Rue d’Auseil was reached. I have never seen another street (more…)