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Quake City, Lebbeus Woods Tribute – The Grasshopper


This is the second 3d art piece inspired by Lebbeus Woods’ Quake City, envisioning an organic earthquake-resistant megastructure built in San Francisco. Click here for Lebbeus’s original drawing. It was originally published in Woods’ pamphlet, Radical Reconstruction, which can be found online (only the written part) at this link.

San Francisco Quake City, Lebbeus Woods Tribute

This 3d art piece was inspired by one of Lebbeus Woods’ drawings, envisioning an organic earthquake-resistant megastructure built in San Francisco. For this I created a 3d model built of dismembered plane, submarine and building parts. I thought the structure would fit in a post-apocalyptic steampunk environment, so I tried to keep the rest of the elements in the image consistent with this concept. This is also the first artwork in which I used an extended golden rectangle for the composition. (more…)

MVCC Contest Entry – 3rd place

This is our proposition for “Museum of Daily Life in Communism”. Collaboration with Iuliana Bila. One of the final 5 awarded projects.Exterior1Exterior close-upExterior accesAtrium receptie lounge2Interior ParterInterior exponate susInterior Temporary ExhibitionInterior PasarelaInterior Upper LevelInterior Ascendent View PeopleMuseum of Daily Life in Communism BotosaniInterior Imagine Ansamblu2 (more…)

“Steampunk” Museum of Communism

Museum of Daily Life in Communism BotosaniNational contest entry. I will be posting more images soon.
The project aims to convert an old heating factory in Botosani into Romania’s “Museum of Daily Life in the Communist Regime”. The aim of the museum is to evoke the brutal transformations of the Communist era, its programs of forced industrialization, its policies of public control and its Utopian ideals which led to alienation, terror and trauma.
In creating the architectural proposition and the visual representations I was inspired by Steampunk and Cyberpunk artwork, comics and matte paintings.